TrustTube® air cushions


  TrustTube® air cushions are custom made by us at the factory.
  Our TrustTube® compressed air cushions are all subjected to a pressure test at 1.3 times the
  operating pressure for a period of at least 24 hours before shipment.
  Advantages of our TrustTube® air cushions:
  - Low installation height
  - Twist-free lifting behavior even at maximum stroke and pressure
  - Anti-vibration
  - Force distribution over the entire contact surface
  - Multi-chamber air cushion (each pressure chamber can be operated separately)
  - Special encasements, e.g. as wear and heat protection
  - Special designs according to customer requirements
  - Operation with gaseous and liquid media
  TrustTube® air cushions - Made in Germany!




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