Merry Christmas and a good start to 2024

Also this year we didn't send any Christmas presents.
We also think we acted in your sense
donate to the DLRG Ortsgruppe Welschen Ennest e.V.

We wish our business partners and their families Merry Christmas
and a good start to the new year 2024.

Expansion of the manufacturing possibilities

At the beginning of January we expanded our capacities and moved into a new building in the Welschen Ennest tanning area. As a result, we have created additional manufacturing options.
Among other things, we have invested in a band and a lead screw and tension spindle lathe.
This is how we can offer our customers an even wider range of services.

Lifting bag training

For Padersprinter we were allowed to carry out lifting bag training. If a low-floor bus has a flat tire, Due to the low ground clearance, it cannot be lifted with a stamp car jack. With the help of a lifting bag, the bus is raised and the jack can be placed.

Transport with compressed air

Compressed air cushions are finding more and more applications in transport and conveyor technology. They are lifting out between transport rollers, slide sideways, clamp single or multiple products.
They lock, fix, brake, distribute, separate and much more.